• Image of "Saint Billy Ruane" MEN's T-Shirt (Black)
  • Image of "Saint Billy Ruane" MEN's T-Shirt (Black)

100% premium cotton. Fit is American Apparel-ish -- fairly "true" but it will shrink over time. If that concerns you, order a size larger.

[[ Also available in Women's, see separate page at GoodRoadGoods.com. ]]

BILLY RUANE was one of Boston’s most colorful, unique and passionate supporters of our local music and arts scene. For decades, he was a nightly fixture in clubs across town, and away from the nightlife he supported and encouraged countless young artists. He passed away in October 2010 and his presence is missed every time live music is played in our town.

This shirt is the perfect way to celebrate his life and his immeasurable contributions to our local music scene. All profits from the sale of the shirt will go towards a bigger project that we hope will take more shape in the near future: BUILDING A STATUE OF BILLY, which will live in his longtime home -- Cambridge's Central Square -- when it is completed.

Many thanks to Wayne Valdez, for his help keeping Billy’s name and spirit alive, and for his excellent photo of Billy, which was used on the front of this shirt.

Long Live Saint Billy!

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